KOTO CPU MINER: https://github.com/KotoDevelopers/cpuminer-yescrypt

          ./minerd -a yescrypt -o stratum+tcp://koto.dragonpool.xyz:{PORT} -u {YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS}

          YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS must be kAddr.

          You have to choose port by your cpu spec.

          Port    Vardiff    Recommended for
          4332    0.1        Mobile Processors
          4333    0.5        Normal
          4334    1          High-end
          4335    4          Cloud mining
          4336    4          High-end with SSL(use stratum+ssl)

          CANADA-USA SERVER: koto.dragonpool.xyz
          ASIA SERVER:       koto-asia.dragopool.xyz
          EUROPE SERVER:     koto-eu.dragonpool.xyz (coming soon...)